"I'm a MOM! Not all of us superheroes wear capes"

I know it's such a cliche, but really, being a mom is the hardest but the most fulfilling job ever! It's like you're "on call" 24/7! You can't play hookie, you can't call in sick! Heck, you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself anymore! And it's not like you'd like to anyway as the guilt of not being there is worse than having someone burst in the bathroom while you're in the commode.

Being a mom also does mean you'll have to be a "badass!" You can't get squirmy around poop or pee or snot or dirt or bugs, etc... anymore. You can't be all "YUCK!" when your kid sneezes on your face or gives you wet kisses. In fact, I think that once you become a mom, you develop a high tolerance to all things that were once "icky". And for some odd reason, you'll mostly find it so endearing that now, you're getting slurpy kisses from this beautiful, amazing kid, whom you'll always have to look twice at because he/she is calling you mom! Come to think of it, I am always A-MAZED everytime Mai calls me mom. How did that happen that a child, whom I can only describe a "pure wonder" calls me mom!? I mean... WOW!

Being a mom is complicated but this complication is such a blessing to have. It's like you are given a chance to experience the unfolding a child's life, not just a mere spectator, but a contributor - a major contributor! So we all better not mess it up! High expectations are deserved by these wonderful gifts we call children. So, if being a mom means I do have to be a super hero to my child, then bring it on!

I so can be a superhero!

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