What misery does to you is your choice

If you ask my husband, I can be the most sympathetic person you could ever meet. I easily feel bad for people mainly because I am melancholic by nature and there seems to be an endless well of emotion within. However, it's one thing to feel bad towards someone who really is experiencing unfortunate circumstances and it's another thing to be suckered in by people who hold on to their misery with their dear life.

Case in point, my bah-hum-bug co-worker. Okay, I do accept that he really had an extremely hard life! I mean, this guy had a chunk of bad things that happened to him. I really, really understand where he is coming from - blaming people whose choices affected him for the worse. But one would think that after a VERY long time that passed, one could at least look back without so much hatred. What's worse it that, he is so consumed with the blame that he alienates everybody by choosing to have this very mean and war-freakish attitude towards EVERYBODY! Yes, bad things does make one feel so much contempt, but please, blame it toward the people who deserve it and not on the world because whether we agree with it or not, it is not EVERYONE's  fault why there is misery all around. That's a personal choice.

Note to Scrooge: I'm sure you will be reading this somehow and yes, I am talking to you! Stop with this sour puss, "I-hate-the-world" attitude! You are robbing yourself the happiness you deserve by sowing so much negativity around you. Life is too darn short to live like this.You can still choose to live a less-than-cynical life. And to quote Desiderata, "With all (the world's) sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world - be cheerful. STRIVE to be happy".

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  1. I LOVE this post Janelle... not that I don't like your other posts, but it's a good reminder to everone not just to him... :)