Christmas don't be late!

I love that song from the Chipmunks, mainly because I can relate! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS! Every year, when Halloween rolls around and I know Christmas is just months away, I go nuts in planning - making lists, doing holiday budgeting for gifts/vacations/etc., taking out Christmas decors, compiling addresses for our Christmas cards (we used to do our annual Buzon Bulletin, but ever since we had Micah, we settled for just Christmas cards). I mean, all this planning is stressful and time consuming, but I just love it! And even if I often curse the holiday madness associated with Christmas - ie. horrendous traffic, mean shoppers, super cold winter weather - there's just something about this holiday that makes me filled with joy... my guess is, it's because I still believe! Remember the movie Polar Express? Love that movie!

But yes, I still believe! In what you may ask? Well, I believe that this time of the year brings out more good than madness in people. I believe that even if we have evolved in a society where holidays mean days off/vacations/feasting/etc., what makes Christmas such a happy time is that most of us still hasn't lost touch of what it's all about - the reason for the season. Every Christmas, we have made it a tradition in our family to think back and reflect on our year and remember all the miracles that we have received. The moments where Jesus showed up BIG TIME, much like the day of his birth when He showed up BIG TIME to give the biggest sacrifice of all - his life. It always makes me so emotional every time I think about it because I have never understood what all-consuming love  meant until I heard Jesus' story. To leave something so regal, pure and holy (Heaven) and be born in a world full of hatred and malevolence just to die so that He can save the people, whom He has designed to be just like Him in the first place, but willingly chose the dark side (yeah, can't shake off my StarWars geek) instead. And even in that unfateful day of His death, these selfish people still persecuted Him to the very end. But still even in the very end, He still asked that they be forgiven. It's such an amazing love... that a man would give His life for the unwanted ragamuffins... like me. So, as the song says, "that's what Christmas means to me, my love!" It's about all-consuming love! A love that just doesn't give any reason but that-- agape... love with no conditions, questions or hesitations. Just love! Ahhh!

And that's why I absolutely LOVE this holiday! In lieu with that, I would like to share with you a song that reminds me of just how strong this love can be... It's an oldie but goodie!

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