Staple ingredient short-cut (ISC)

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I love that quote from the movie Ratatouille, "Anyone can cook!" because really, anyone can! But if you're like me who has to cook everyday for dinner for a family of 3 with different food preferences, it always helps to have, what I call "ISC" or ingredient short cut. These are ingredients that I have handy in my kitchen all the time to add flavor/spice to any dish at a moment's notice. My ISCs are staples and I always make sure I have it handy. One of the best ISC I've discovered lately is GravyMaster. I'm telling you, just a few dashes of this ISC to anything will truly Master the meal. I especially like to add it to my chicken wings marinade (that I fry halfway and bake in the oven to finish), and for the non-meat eater in the family, I love GravyMaster with bokchoy (just saute garlic and onions with bokchoy then add 2-3 tbsp. of GravyMaster then top it over brown/white rice... YUMMO!) And since GravyMaster contains NO MEAT in it, I actually  love adding it as a topping sauce to any steamed fish/veggie dish I often make (as it's so easy to steam food when pressed for time) and it just brings out the flavors of these simple dishes more.

So this holiday season, for a simple meal with master taste, try out ____ . you can use it for grilling, marinating, sauteing, or like me, for just plain dipping! It's so good I tell ya!

How about you? What other ISCs do you recommend?



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