Oh, Fudge!

So, there's been a buzz about tonight's episode of Modern Family. In the episode titled "Little Bo Bleep" airing tonight, 2-year-old Lily shocks parents Mitchell and Cameron with her first "cuss" word and No Cussing Club (http://www.nocussing.com) isn't taking it too lightly. Personally, I am no fan of curse words. I think people utter them mostly because we, as a society, are reduced to saying something instantly rather than choose our words wisely; but then again that doesn't mean I haven't uttered any in moments of frustration. In fact, I have a list of alternative words I use just to avoid saying the exact expletive word (i.e. fudge)

Now, in the context of tonight's episode of MF, a lot of parents have been in the exact same boat as Mitchell and Cameron. Let's face it, kids say the darnedest things and they say it in the most unexpected moments too! And as much as we want to believe that our kid is the nicest, most polite child ever, there will still be a day when they will say something that will turn even the most composed parent's face beet red.

So, I say to the No Cussing Club, have a KitKat. After all, it's a story where they are putting a very common incident among parents to light. If anything, this actually is a learning opportunity for parents as reference to how to handle situations like this. Now if they're cussing just because they are too idiotic to think about better words to say, then I'm with you! Now, let's track those rapper dudes and bring them to the Supreme Court! Anybody with me? :-)

For more information about this story, check out this link: Toddler's cuss word on 'Modern Family' draws ire

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