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I have a confession to make... I am addicted to browsing the internet. Having this wonderful technology in the tip of my hands truly have made my life easier. But one downside I have found out is that, every time I find something interesting such as: a new recipe, a gift idea, cute shoes, great article to read, a good book, etc. I always print it out and add it to my pile of what I call "JB's lists" or more accurately, "JB's unorganized-pile-of-paper lists" Yes, I must have accumulated endless paper piles to the point that those wonderful, interesting things/ideas I find are now left in pile of what I now call "junk".
Recently, I have discovered a way to satisfy my unquenchable need to create lists. Since I've always been dependent on paper lists, it always makes it difficult to organize them.  Alas! my discovery of clipix has answered both those problems!  clipix is a free, online tool (which is also available for iPhone) that serves as a centralized place for literally everything you may find interesting/helpful to make your life easier. It's so easy to use! For computers, you basically just need to drag a bookmark called "clip" to your bookmarks toolbar then you click it every time you visit a page that you would like refer back later. It's like storing the website pages in one place that you can organize into categories (called clipboards). It's SO EASY to use! And the best part is, you can download the clipix app in your iPhone and you can pretty much bring all your clipboards any where. You can also take pictures of things/places/ideas that you fancy and automatically add it one of your clipboards for easy access in either your computer or phone for later. Amazing isn't it?
Here's my picture clipboard so far (I just started using it 2 hours ago):

And here's a video about clipix:

Sign up now at .http://www.clipix.com and share how will clipix make your life easier? Stories are welcome!
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