Should I go back to school?

This thought has been on my mind since forever! Before I had Micah, my plan was to pursue either PhD or PsyD in Psychology, focusing of Marriage and Family therapy. But since God blessed me with a beautiful detour (my daughter), I also had to reevaluate this plan. Mai was born when I was still finishing my undergraduate degree. Needless to say, it was VERY difficult to juggle caring for a newborn, going to school and a full-time job that I literally had to throw in the towel and give up working full-time. It was a stretch in our already stretched-out budget, but had I not been so close to finishing my bachelor's, I would have given that up instead. Now thinking about it, I should have given that up because it didn't really help me with anything other than vamping my resume. I should've listened to the people who tried to warn me to not pursue Psychology if I am not planning to continue graduate studies. My stubbornness got the best of me.

After finishing my BA, I thought, "That's it! NO MORE SCHOOL!" I went to an online university to get my BA. It was really time consuming since it's not the conventional class. I felt that there was a lot more work involved. But now that I am rethinking that, "NO MORE SCHOOL" swearing, I am swamped with the following questions:

1. Should I continue on the path of Psychology or do something else? (like Nursing - UCSF has a great program for non RNs to get their Masters in Nurse Practitioner; or Education?)

2. Should I pursue Masters or Doctorate studies? (which will depend on Question 1 because if I continue on the Psychology path, it would probably be more beneficial to get a doctorate than masters)

3. Should I go online again (assuming I continue of the Psychology path) or should I go to a conventional University? (If I go online, grants will be scarce; conventional Universities can even offer a job/free tuition/stipend)

And the most important question of all:

4. How will this affect our family?

I think the last question is the most important of all. My utmost priority, next to my relationship with Jesus, is Malcolm and Micah. I will gladly forgo my utmost dreams if that will mean they will reach theirs. And I don't just say that to appear like a martyr... I say that because of love. My motivation even if I do decide to go back to school is them.

So many things to think about and decisions to be made about this... I really need to pray some more. Will you pray with me? Thanks!

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