To be patient in God

I have to keep on re-learning the concept of being patient in God-- waiting on God to act on my behalf. It's been years and it seems like the mastery of this concept still constantly eludes me. So now, I have to accept the fact that I will be put through situations to help me stick to the learning on a daily basis.

Case in point, something happened last Monday. A great opportunity that has opened itself up and I had my chance to make myself available for it last Monday. I prepared for it, and overall, I think I did well. But the waiting is excruciating. It will be easier if I am given a "yes or no" at that point, but I have to be put through the wringer of waiting... for what? probably because I am subjected to the mastery of waiting on the Lord. Well, "probably" might be a wrong word to use... "Assuredly" is more fitting.

So here I am again... just waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

Lord, calm me down as I wait on You. Let me find joy in the process. - AMEN!

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