I will shine for YOU!

Last Monday, my daughter taught me a new song and I've been singing it non-stop since then...

I will Shine!
Like a candle high on a hill

I will, I will, I will shine for You

Like a lighthouse on the ocean blue

I will, I will, i will shine for You!

I will shine, I will shine for You

Bring You praise in everything I do

I will shine for all the world to see

Your love shining bright in me!
Like a bright star in the night

I will shine, Iwill shine for you

Like a moonbeam shining through

I will shine, I will shine for You!

No bushel, no dark night

No rain cloud can hide my light

And my whole life through

I'm gonna shine for You

'Til the whole world sees JESUS in me!

It's amazing because I remember when I was the one trying to teach my mom the songs I learn from school. And now, here's my child doing the same thing! But what I love about the whole process is that we all share the same passion in singing our love songs to Jesus. I love that my daughter ALWAYS sings songs that give Jesus praise.

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