Testing of my faith

I find it so funny (in a good way) how my faith is being tested everyday lately. It's like God is really in serious work overhauling me. I picture Him with his sleeves up, working tirelessly so He can produce the "BEST" me. Everyday, I learn all about how to apply the fruits of the Holy Spirit in such tangible ways. Furthermore, God is really working BIG TIME with my pride and ego issues that He, literally, puts me in the wringer so I learn how to swallow my pride and exercise humility. I mean, I can't help but to laugh thinking about this because it's so amazing... the joy it produces in me to be put into so much stress of changing. As I always say, He must really love me to allow me to go through life-changing lessons. And thank God it's always on a more manageable scale. God truly does know our limits.

*Lord, thank you! I am always left behind speechless and amazed everytime who put your Hands to work in me. And thank you because, amidst the stress and discomfort, You always manage to give me this adrenaline boost... inexhaustible joy while in the wringer. I love you Jesus! Thank you for being so intimate and personal with me. I just love our relationship! You really do make me fall head-over-heels in love with you over and over and over... again!

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