Graduated from "Dumbo" to "Space Mountain"

So, we just came back from our first trip to Disneyland for 2012. This marks Micah's 8th trip to the happiest place on earth, but this proved to be a VERY memorable one as she just hit 40" in height-- and that just meant that mommy had to endure those rides that mommy swore she won't ride again! :-)

Here are the memorable highlights of our trip:

1. Friday, Saturday and half a day Sunday, I had the pleasure of mommy-daughter bonding time with Micah. The only not-so-good part was that, since it was sweltering hot, I developed a very bad sun rash. On the good side, she was able to meet the new Disney-Pixar princess, Merida. That was neat! And we had fun just taking it easy, riding the tame rides that she used to love... oh, we did ride the roller coaster they have in ToonTown. I thought that would be most daring ride I had to endure the entire trip-- Oh boy! I thought wrong!

2. Sunday evening, we tried out Blue Bayou for the first time. It was a very cool experience. Micah LOVES the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so it was awesome to have dinner where we can see the boats going into the ride passing by. We were also seated right in front of the water, so we had a great view.

3. Speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean, we rode that ride at least 4 times! Micah just had to go back over and over again! The worse part, I am so sick of the ride but I just can't get that song out of my head! "Yo ho, Yo ho, the Pirates life for me..."

4. So Tuesday, the 5th day in DL proved to be the one of the two most memorable days of all-- After riding the Mark Twain Steamboat for the first time, Micah just had enough of the tame rides... she just got to have some speed! So Malcolm decided to make her try out the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I reluctantly had to ride with them because my daughter gave me the googly eyes, begging me to ride. And guess what-- SHE LOVED IT! We had to ride it again because once was just not enough. And the next time around, my brave daughter raised her hands in the air all through out the ride! Geez! :-)

5. After conquering her first "Disneyland Mountain", Micah wants more! The next thing I knew was I was in line to ride one of the rides I swore to not go back ever again-- Splash Mountain. I tell ya, I was shaking and screaming the moment the log boat was set in motion. My brave daughter just laughed at her scared mommy. It's so funny because on every drop she'll assure me and say, "It's ok mommy!" Ha! But when we reached the highest drop, I told her to close her eyes, but she didn't listen, thus, this photo:

Look at her all wide-eyed! I asked her why she opened her eyes, she said, "mom, I want to see everything!"

6. After conquering Splash Mountain, I thought we're done... But NO! Micah, with the encouragement of daddy, insisted that we only have one more mountain to ride (Matterhorn was closed so the only mountain that remains was Space Mountain). Needless to say, I had to ride another ride I have in my "never again list". Oh, that picture was priceless! Once I download it, I will definitely share what sheer fear looks like. And not from my daughter, but from me!

7. Next ride she wanted to ride was the Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror. So we were in line but the line was so long that we decided to skip it. Yeah, could you imagine the sigh of relief I had! Micah even said, "mommy, you're blessed the line is long!" HA! Well, that's what I thought too... but once again, I thought wrong. 

7. So day 6, I thought okay, since she rode most of the scary rides, why not ride my favorite ride of all time, Soarin' over CA. But of course, the only ride I actually want to ride with my daughter was spoiled by a meanie who's such a stickler for rules. Just because he can slide a piece of paper between the top of their height measurement and Micah's head, he didn't allow Micah to ride it. Yes, a dang PIECE OF PAPER! Oh, it was just absurd! I even told him she already rode all the mountains in Disneyland land and with a smug, he retorted, "well not here!" I guess there will always be those misers...

8. So after that whole Soarin' incident, Micah felt a little sad, so I asked her what can make her forget the mean old man-- which, now thinking back, I should've just offered her cotton candy or ice cream, because what she wanted was to ride Tower of Terror! That's right! And just when I thought I was off the hook. So yeah, we rode it! I endured the hoisting and the free fallin' and everything! Micah, of course opened her eyes the entire time. But then again, something just had to go wrong because some moronic teenager covered our faces with a DL map when they took the photo so we missed having a photo op of such a momentous occasion. Oh, I was VERY upset! But whatever! We still had a great time and a good memory of a ride that I don't think I will ever do again... but then again, I said that before too. :-)

9. And to cap off the day, we rode Star Tours. It was great because I hadn't ridden that ride since they refurbished it, so it was like Micah and I are riding it for the first time. Micah liked it but after all those fast rides, she said it was not as exciting! Ha! That was just too funny. Oh and we got to ride the monorail to Downtown Disney, so I guess that's the last ride of the day.

Over-all, it was a GREAT trip! A trip that served as another milestone crossed. I still can't believe my little girl is not big enough for all those daring rides. I will NEVER EVER forget this vacation :-)

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  1. I L-O-V-E this post. Micah is a very brave little girl. :) I hope we can do a trip together soon, before our passes expire... :)