What does it mean to "exasperate" a child?

In my devotional today, I've read this excerpt that proved to be so powerful for me:

"The Greek word translated "exasperate" means to provoke to anger or to enrage. And, the fastest way to exasperate a child is to micromanage every move, correct each misstep, and point out all the areas he needs to improve. Kids who are nagged and lectured soon become frustrated and often respond by rebelling, withdrawing, or "losing heart". We are so inclined to over-correct, we often end up fighting about small things that aren't important. We may win the argument, but lose the war as we find our kids disconnecting from us. Instead, try walking beside your kids as you lovingly allow them to experience the consequences of their choices. This is a far better way to create an environment in which a child can understand and embrace God's design for his life."

I consider myself easy going and I've eased out on being a stickler for rules for quite sometime now. But when it comes to raising Mai, I find myself micromanaging her most of the time! Who would have thought that it is considered exasperating to micromanage your child *wink*! Anyways, I truly have to be more conscious of how I impart teaching to Mai. I do have to learn to empower her to make her own choices on those issues that she can actually decide on. As a mother, this is a hard path to tread. But Philippians 4:13 says, I can do it though HIM who strengthens me!

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