Where have I been? I don't even know...

It's already mid-April!? Really? Has it been that long that I've been out of touch?

Forgive me.. It's just time tends to run by me faster these days.

Anyways, when was the last time I posted anything... March maybe? And is it for a product review? Oh man! That's not good! Sigh.

Okay, going back, what's new? EVERYTHING! There is something new everyday! It's both a good thing and not so good because, new means change and at times change hurts. For instance, my daughter Mai is graduating from preschool. It's great that she's stepping into the world of kindergarten- she's growing rapidly, she's like a mini-adult! But it's also sad to see that everyday, my baby is no longer a baby. I find myself watching her baby videos more frequently. And at times, when I really miss her as a baby, I will hold her and close my eyes and imagine her as a newborn. Weird huh? But whatever works! :-)

Oh, and another thing why I haven't been updating my posts, it's because I have been to birthday parties galore the past month! Oh my gosh! It's like every weekend, Mai has a social function to attend. That child has more of a social life than me! LOL! But it's all good. I get to meet all the other mommies and daddies so it's been fun for me too.

What else... that's pretty much it. Oh, and we're planning to go back to D-land this May. Hopefully it pans out. My boss still hasn't approved my request for time off! Ha!

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