It feels SO GOOD to dream again!

I'm dreaming again! Everyday since Saturday, I have been in this euphoric state! A state of being so overwhelmed with all the good that surrounds me now. It's like being trapped in a black hole of regret and pity for the longest time and being free from all that. I guess this is what it feels to have a new lease on life. You become so empowered to change that you actually find comfort in the pain of change.

Now, I just want to list my dreams... my hopes... my world as I will know it.

*I am a blessed wife to Malcolm, and mother of two - Micah and Maxwell.

*Our family is known in our community as the family who inflicts positive changes in the people we meet. We are driven by our God-given purpose - to help others live out John 10:10. We are a family who now works toward helping others FIGHT for the life they are meant to have.

* My parents are retired, traveling around the world doing great missions - setting up schools, churches, charities. They are touching the lives of the people, bringing hope through God's work.

*We live in a compound in Hawaii or Long Beach with my parents and my siblings and their families. Our children are growing up together. We go to family vacations together - Disneylands all around the world! RV'ing all around the US! Going on Cruises to Alaska, Europe, Caribbean, South America, etc.  

*We are financially independent - We have the power to choose to send our children to the schools they are thriving in. SCHOOLS of their CHOICE! Heck, they can even get a private tutor if they want to :-)

*We have the power to help people in need - to teach them principles to not only exist but also live the life they deserve to have. Money is something that we have as a resource to help great causes that we believe in. NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY FOR HELP BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FOR OURSELVES!

*Leadership schools in the Philippines (K-12 and a University) - all tuition, materials, board and lodging paid for children who have the drive to impact change for the country. WHIP is the key - WORK ETHIC, HUNGER, INTEGRITY, PERSONAL POWER!

*Waking up every day with a CHOICE!

Ahhhh.... to dream again :-)


  1. What an awesome post. :) Keep on Janelle, I know you and Malcolm are getting closer to these dreams everyday... :)

    Who's Maxwell???? ;)

  2. I am dreaming to have a another kid... a boy. And that's the name Malcolm chose since I chose Micah's name. Initially I didn't like it, but it actually grew on me... :-)