Quitting is no longer a part of my vocabulary

I was listening to this training video by Darren Hardy, and he is teaching all about beliefs - that a belief is actually a skill that we learn and it can be unlearned.

As I've said numerous times, I thought I knew who I was, and I thought I was the type of person who will do what my heart is set on doing but if something is not a part of what I call interesting I will not do it. And this BELIEF that I had for so long has limited me and my way of thinking because it taught me to quit anything that I have lost interest in.

But thank God because He has provided me a system that will totally undo this limiting belief and this system includes:

1. GOD
2. Malcolm and Micah
3. ACN

Everyday, I am constantly groomed by this system to undo my limiting belief of quitting. And I can proudly say that after the system clicked in my head and heart - quitting is no longer a word I associate myself with. It's non-existent for me! And I am very happy and I feel very loved that the system God placed in my life taught me a lesson that has changed me.

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