All Grown-up

Watching my daughter interact with other kids is a delight for me. I know that she loves playing with kids her age but I never really saw her interact with bigger kids until today. Earlier this evening, we attended one of our new church's small groups. There were a lot of big kids there so I thought Micah would feel out of place, but I was wrong. The moment we came in, she directed herself where the kids were and just interacted with them with total ease. I was laughing and feeling so proud inside. I mean, I am the mom of that 17-month old who appears to be the life of the party! She fit right in, acting all grown-up and all. All I kept hearing was "Micah here," "Come Micah," "See this Micah," Micah, Micah, Micah! Everybody loved her! She made everyone laugh with her little antics, amazed them all with her vocabulary... let's just say that I was so pumped-up because of the praises everybody was showering her! I wanted to yell, "I am that wiz kid's mommy!" But then, I think she got that from her daddy. I remember not having the same confidence as a kid, always feeling left-out when I am in a crowd of bigger kids.

When we left to go home, in the car, she leaned over and kissed me as if thanking me that I allowed her to be herself... that totally completed my day!

I am really relieved that my child can adjust well regardless of what crowd she's in. I hope she carries this confidence within her always. Still can't get over how assured and secured this child is. She really makes me a very fulfilled mommy. Everyday is an adventure... I wonder what she's going to do next.

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