Date nights

My husband and I don't have out usual date nights anymore. Before, every Friday night we always go out, usually fancy dinner, movie/concert/play and dessert afterwards *wink*. When we had Micah, we had to eliminate all of these mainly because we feel that it's no longer a priority for us to spend that much money just to spend time with each other. After all, we are always almost together, which I think is what makes our relationship trickier. See, aside from being husband and wife and parents to Micah, Malcolm and I work for the same company for our day jobs (Biotech - he's working for our Collagen group while I work for our Intellectual Property Dept.) and we are also business partners (Worldventures - our travel company). Needless to elaborate, we really spend SO MUCH time with each other. Everyone we know thinks it's a bit too much to see his/her spouse/significant other as much as we do, but for us, it's our "normal." This is also the main reason why we are finding creative ways to separate "us" time from the rest of our responsibilities to each other as co-parents, co-workers and business partners. And yes, we schedule "us" time... it's in our filofaxes! It's weird for others but it's the only way to prevent the overflow of our other partnerships to our marriage partnership. So far, I know that it's more work for us to really, consciously carve out time in our super busy calendars just for us, but it's also giving us excitement to come together and just be together, not thinking of any thing else but our moment.

Tonight was that kind of a moment... it was one special night. After Micah was off to dream land, Malcolm and I had a little picnic in the living room. I made us some sliders to munch on while we watch a movie (Blu-ray baby!). We were laughing, hugging, eating and cuddling. It was so much fun; moreso, it was very special. Now, he's already asleep with our baby, but I am still giddy from our date, I can't sleep! Who needs fancy stuff anyway? Honestly, I don't even know why we did those things before... we're not fancy people and we don't need fancy to have fun. Tonight is just another proof that all we really need is each other's presence in the moment to have a great time... well, a plate of sliders doesn't hurt either *grin*.

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