Baby signs

My Micah always finds a way to amuse us. Lately, she's been using sign language alot! I tried to teach her how to sign when she was about 6 months old but instead of learning the signs for the words, she just started speaking the words. So, I thought it's useless to sign anymore since she's communicating with words better. At 5 months, she's able to say a lot of words, like:
mama, papa, amma, ampa, milk (miyk), mum-mum (water), meme (nurse). And as time went on, her vocabulary expanded tremendously that at 17 months, she's able to make out sentences (although it's still mostly gibberish, but the key words in the thoughts she's trying to convey are there). Golly! She even knows how to negotiate. So I was shocked when I noticed that she's using signs with the words she's saying lately, like: more, juju(drink), milk, no, yes, share, goodbye, thank you, and please. I guess she learned through her favorite channel (Sprout Channel) since in their goodnight show, they have a portion where they teach kids to sign. I mean, both Malcolm and I were so amazed! We are so proud of her. Can you imagine? She learned all those by herself!

What a wiz kid, huh? She's really a president in the making ;-)

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