God works in mysterious ways...

Tonight, first hand, Malcolm and I have seen God work His way into our hardening hearts once again. I won't go into detail to protect the privacy of our family, but just as when we are about to ask God, "why?," He gave an answer.

It's amazing how easily we forget the goodness of God in our lives. No cliche. I cannot count the number of times God caught us, saved us, blessed us, healed us, etc. etc. etc. But I guess we are still human. Flawed. Forgetful.

As for me, I have made a LOT of mistakes in my life. So many that I would even give-up on myself. I would be tired on my constant excuses and inability to carry-out the promises I've made. Thank God that even if I can give-up on myself, He wouldn't. Thank God that His love for me is more stubborn than I am. Thank God that, even if I don't understand His ways, He has his way of assuring me that they are always for my good. Thank God that He is my God!

So, tonight, Malcolm and I are at peace... peace that passes all we hope to understand.

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