Getting to know you... whew!

I read an article not too long ago that claims that, for new moms, meeting "mom" friends can be as frustrating and excruciating as dating is for singles. I find that to be so true. I have tried joining different mother's clubs, playdates, etc. Yet, still, I haven't found "real" friends that I can be comfortable sharing my horrifying and joyful motherhood experiences. It's hard to find the right fit. Thank God because despite not having "mom" friends, I have my sister and sister-in-law who are also new moms like me. Eventhough my sister is 5000 miles away, I always look forward to our looooo...ng telephone conversations, laughing most of the time since we can't remember what we used to talk about prior to having kids. And my sister-in-law, I often see over the weekends. She and I weren't initially close, but I think having kids almost the same age changed all that. Now, I can really connect and bond with her. Having both of them really helps. I am still not giving-up on the hopes that I can have "mom" friends that aren't family. I am planning to enroll Micah in swimming classes; hopefully, I can find moms that would be open to having new "mom" friends in their life as I am.

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