Little Ms. Negotiator

Micah has recently learned how to negotiate the following:

1. Skipping her morning nap to watch Calliou - so mommy can clean/fix/do stuff around the house.
2. Not drinking her milk from the bottle - She still comfort nurses, so she'll negotiate nursing and sleeping early in replace of drinking from the bottle.
3. Sitting on a big person-chair as oppose to the highchair - she says "have"(pronounced with a long "a" for behave) once she's seated in the big person-chair.

Also, she has learned a lot of verbs lately... but mostly to ask us to do something like, "it down" (sit down), "come" (with her pointy finger gesturing me to do so), "top" (stop).

She also says "Oh, Boy!" alot. She says it when she fails on doing something she's set to do or when she's doing number 2. TMI! my poor baby! *LOL*. She also wants us to kiss her boo-boos often now... I think it's her way of consoling herself through physical pain as oppose to crying.

Yes, my little lady is learning how to cope through life now. But even if she asserts her independence lately, I am glad that when she has "boo-boos," she still goes to mommy and daddy for comfort. I hope that she's always that secured of our love for her.

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