Fun times with Micah

Micah is such a fun little child. Today she did a lot of her usual antics again that never cease to make us either laugh so hard or tear-up... tear-up because she's just proving everyday that's she's no longer a baby.

Earlier this afternoon, after I took a shower, I heard a lot of giggling and laughing in our living room. When I came out, I saw Micah, wearing her Tinker Bell wings, running around with daddy pretending she was flying. They were watching her favorite Disney Vacation DVD. It's funny because she knows almost all the lines of the kids in the feature. My favorite is when she shouts out "I love Di-nee-lan" (Disneyland)! It's so precious! Then, before I went to work, Micah and I left the house a little early so we can grab some coffee for me and treats for her. As we were in line in Starbucks, she was charming everybody with her cute "hellos" with her hands waving. Everybody who saw her was truly enamored. They kept on saying "what a smart/cute little girl." Of course, I was beaming with pride. My baby is really socially adept. Thank God!

Then this evening, since the weather is really warm, I put on shorts on her. It's for 3t since the 2t size that I bought for her was outgrown already (and so soon), so I assumed that she'd fit the 3t. I was wrong because as she was running around the house, we heard a loud "Oh, Man!" It was Micah standing there, all frustrated because her shorts kept on falling off. It was hilarious! Her face was all scrunched-up and her hands were up in the air. It was so funny!

Then now, just before she dozed off, as I cradled her in my arms, she looked at me and quietly whispered, "I love you." It's the best way to end another day. I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

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