Giving-up the urgent for the important

I know... after promising that I will post regularly, once again, I failed to deliver. Well, as we all know, life can get pretty hectic. My life though, gets hectic because I often procrastinate. But see, I procrastinate not in a bad way. I procrastinate because my number-one priority pushes my "to do" list aside most of the time and I'm so glad she does.

Don't get me wrong, I like planning and routines. In fact, I hate surprises and I'm not a huge fan of spontaneity either. I used to... when I was younger, but as I age, I like things predictable. But then again, having a child changes all that expectation out of life. When there is a huge pile of clothes to be laundered or folded and my Micah wants to "dan" (dance) with mommy, we dance. When there is a mountain of dishes needed to be washed but my Micah wants to play house, we play house. When I need to wake-up early and get a head-start of my long list of errands/chores, but my Micah wants to snuggle with mommy for hours, we snuggle for hours.

The fact is, my priority has changed when Micah came into my life. I know I have my responsibilities, and I still do them on those times that my precious daughter don't need mommy that much. Don't get me wrong, she's not a clingly little girl... but most of the time, she wants mommy to herself, and man, I so love that! If I could hold on to her forever, I would! But see, I let go of the urgent matters because the most important happening/person in my life needs me now... and she won't need me this way forever so I have to, I need to give my undivided attention to her. Yes, chores, errands, bills, etc. are responsibilities, but they can wait because my daugther wants her mommy, and frankly, mommy needs her too.

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