Baby book

I am really a procrastinator! After 2 years, 3 months, I finally started on Micah's baby book. Therefore, I already missed a lot of dates like when was her first haircut, when did her first tooth came out, when did she first rolled over, etc. etc. etc. (I had to put 3 etc. because it's really that much info that I don't remember anymore). Of course, like what Lysa Terkeurst said, "Grand visions that lead to big messes that lead to unmet expectations can heap more and more guilt on a mother's already fragile psyche" (loosely translated), and that's exactly what happened to me! Since I started on this baby book, I can't help but to feel guilty of missing the dates of the "whens". Then I read the devotional of Lysa last night and she's right! Because I have this grand vision of being the perfect mom with all the memories remembered to a T, it was such a mess when I failed at it. So, instead of saying, the grand vision isn't as flawless as it's supposed to be, I just identified myself as the failure. Funny how that happened huh? So, I had to really regroup and re-evaluate what's going on - what is the purpose of the baby book anyway? My real purpose is, for Micah to have something to commemorate how happy her childhood was. Then I realized, I don't need a baby book for that! If I can make an environment that fosters happiness for my child, then she doesn't need anything concrete to remember it. She will remember it because it's in her heart.

Well, I don't intend to stop making the baby book and will still attempt to remember the "whens," but now, I don't feel guilty anymore if I don't remember anything at all... after all, I can guesstimate right? and to always remind myself that what matters is the "now" and the lasting, wonderful memories that my child can store in her heart for her to remember forever.

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