Peace within

God truly works in mysterious ways. This afternoon, I was feeling so angry about certain things that are affecting me and my family. I felt so powerless to figure out what to do in this specific circumstance. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But more than my anger, I was feeling hurt.

The good thing about me is, I am always open to Jesus about everything - the good and the bad. In my experience of our Savior, He defined our relationship in such a way that I can come to His throne of grace anytime. I have to say that this is my personal experience because not everyone really experiences Jesus this way. I've known a lot of christians who still wonder of who they are in Jesus and what does it really mean to have a relationship with Him? It is sad because Jesus already made it possible for us to be His' but we don't necessarily accept this fact and experience the unrelenting joy that the intimacy with He provides.

So, when I was feeling so out of hope earlier, all I did was to run to the cross ad fast as I can amidst all my anger. And as I complained, reasoned, questioned God of why do things happen that rob me my peace, He just reminded myself that He already did his part. He already gave me peace... all I have to do is accept it. It's funny because I already know this! I already know that Jesus gave me the "authority to trample on the snakes and scorpions" of my life (Luke 10:19), but still, the guilt prevents me from just accepting it. The feeling of inadequacy because I am just a human. However, all I have is gratefulness to Jesus because His love is much too stubborn than me. He will always find a way for me to follow the path of truth and accept it in my reality.

Like what Max Lucado said, we are in the "Grip of His grace". That is one gift that I am forever thankful for.

Jesus, THANK YOU for always tightening your grip when my unbelief and doubt drags me down.

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