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After the third time the fire alarm went off this evening (or morning), the alarm in my head could no longer be snoozed off. I am wide awake!!! I guess the caffeine from the coffee and diet pepsi I drank earlier is starting to kick-in. So, here I am, in the quietness of our living room, contemplating about my life... which includes my marriage.

In three months, Malcolm and I will be married for 6 years. That's a long time. Officially, this is the longest relationship I have ever been in! Usually, after the "bad", I'm already long gone. But now, even the "ugly" I've withstood. Shockingly, so did he! Ha! In the last 6 years, I can honestly say that regardless of the "uglies", it has been a quite a ride, a joyous ride that is. I have learned so much! Here are a few of those pivotal learning experiences that I have had the pleasure to go through and now pass on to you!

The last (almost) 6 years, I have learned:

1. The difference between "win-win" and compromise.

2. Nagging can't really get you anywhere, so does being quiet about it.

3. There are times that it's okay to yell - But not ALL the time.

4. Saying "I love you" isn't as easy as before - finding new ways to say can really be difficult.

5. Saying "I love you" can be a habit and it becomes dangerous when it does.

6. Comparing your husband to his father is not always a good thing.

7. Comparing your husband to your father is always a bad thing! (Can't help it though, can't ya!?)

8. Quality time is not the quantity of time.

9. Foreplay is a must!

10. Staring is a kind of foreplay.

11. Having signals that's just between you and your husband is so much fun! Tunes out the world
even for just a second.

12. A clean, shaven, showered husband is such a turn on! (I don't know why some like the sweaty, brawny man-looking guys!).

13. Farting without shame can bring a husband and a wife closer together.

14. It's essential to keep secrets from time to time. Believe me! Your husband would rather not know it.

15. Romance is hard work!

16. Having a baby together can bring such completeness to your family.

17. Massage will eventually be just that, massage!

18. There will be days when you feel like you will die without your husband.

19. There will be days when you won't even want to be in the same room with him.

20. Understanding the meaning of communication in silence. Took me a LONG time and I still forget it from time to time.

21. How to genuinely be proud for your husband's success.

22. Accepting that who your husband was when he was pursuing you won't be the same him after you marry him... although, for the most part, it gets better.

23. Seeing how your husband loves your child is a constant melting of the heart. Awwww!

24. You will eventually love what he loves.

25. Emails are underrated! I think we communicate more in emails than in real time.

26. Fighting doesn't mean you have to win.

27. There are 3 types of cries: the good cry, the bad cry, and the nervous cry (especially after you've shopped too much!)

28. Kindness can change any situation, although VERY CHALLENGING to do.

29. You really will never win the remote from him. EVER!

30. Getting over yourself and accepting that your has husband learned the very same things from you... well, except the remote thing.

YAWN! time to sleep!

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