Conversations with Micah

Since she turned two, I have had so many wonderful talks with my daughter. She is continually amazing me with her vocabulary. Earlier this afternoon is one of the best examples of this. I just laughed so hard, which in turn, made her laugh as well. We have been watching and talking about Disney princesses and Disneyland. I was making her watch different princess clips from YouTube to prepare her for the Disney Princess on Ice tomorrow. But for some reason she thought of the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Here goes the conversation:

Micah: Mommy, 'member Piwates? It's scary!
Me: No Micah, It's funny. There's nothing scary okay. They just sing songs.
Micah: Okay mommy... Piwates fun!

(5 minutes later)

Micah: Mommy, 'member the piwates in disseyland?
Me: Yeah! Do you want to go to Disneyland again?
Micah: Nah! Maybe ness tine mommy. I'n busy white now. I feel tiyed and I need to west.

(5 minutes later... I saw her blowing her nails)

Me: What are you doing Micah?
Micah: I'n putting polish! See!? Ist pretty?
Me: (while LOL), yes, sweetie, very pretty.
Micah: I like your nails too!

Every conversation, I just end up laughing like crazy! She is such a wonderful talker!!!

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