Busy, busy, busy!

As my child would say, "ay ya yai!" I've been busy! Last Saturday was just crazy, so I had to give up posting, but tried to do on Sunday. However, I wasn't able to once again because we had marriage mentoring in the morning, then church (which btw was awesome!), then chores were staring at me when I got home so I reluctantly did them. And today, all I can say is, again as my daughter would say, "OH MAN!" because I had the 1st day of the two days required of me to go to Kaiser for my thyroid test. When I got there, they asked me if I was pregnant. I didn't know and wasn't notified that I have to be absolutely sure that I wasn't preggers before I take the radiation pill, oh and while we're at it, I didn't know I was taking a radiation pill. So, they had to send me to the lab for another blood test, STAT! It took a while before they were able to take me in (so it wasn't "stat" after all!). I had to wait over an hour for the result and since it took that long, I guess the doctor, who needs to be present while I take the radiation pill, took his lunch break already. I was supposed to be there only for, at most 30 minutes they say. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes for a pill-swallowing ceremony! I didn't even get to see the doctor! I only saw the nuclear department supervisor... not really sure what he supervises... maybe the pill swallowing. Ugh! Oh, and it took him merely 3 minutes to tell me that it was indeed a pill of mutating radiation! joke! Just plain ol' radiation. It even looked like he thinks I was crazy to ask if I can be around my child (who was with me during this whole ordeal) with radiation exuding off me! He's like "uh, yeah you can talk to your child! It's not like radiation will spew out while you breathe..." Uh, thank you very much sir for freaking me out, saying that "this pill is radiation" disclaimer after you've made me wait for that long with a child in tow and for looking at me like I was crazy when I asked if I could possible pass off radiation to people! Another ugh! I just really thank God because I know that He is still in control regardless of how chaotic the situation is. I  wouldn't have taken that pill with the limited information I was given... but thank God because I really feel like He assured me that it was okay... I should take it and I'll be fine. Oh, Jesus! What would I do without You!?

Okay, so since it's musical Monday today, I want to share this song. I've loved this song since I heard it last 2005. It's a song that fits our day to day life... when we feel that He's silent, when really, He's not. I love that I can be this honest with my Saviour! I love you Jesus.

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