Resourceful hermit crab's recycled shell

This is wildly cool! A hermit crab used the tip of a bottle as its new home! Story below:

This ingenious little fellow has taken advantage of our propensity to litter - and added his own modern twist to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
But really, it's a message in a bottle to anyone too lazy to put rubbish in a bin.
Hermit crabs normally fight one another to make homes in shells discarded by other crustaceans, but on a beach in Thailand, 11-year-old Alex Marttunens snapped this picture with his parents' camera.
The Finnish boy's photograph, titled Home Sweet Home, got him to the finals in the under 16 section of the prestigious Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management's environmental photography competition.
Judges said it was a stark reminder of man's often damaging impact on the environment.
The contest is an international showcase for the best in professional and amateur environmental photography and this year received more than 4500 entries from photographers in 97 countries.
-Story from DailyTelegraph (www.dailytelegraph.com)

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