Leaving the light on

I have a new celebrity crush, Mark Ballas from DWTS. He's my new non-romantic crush (emphasis on the non-romantic, just in case my husband reads this post *wink*) because I didn't know he has such an awesome voice! For sure he can dance, but dang! The man can also sing! I mean this guy can give John Mayer a run for his money! Also, I like him better as his image is very wholesome as oppose to Mr. Mayer, who has become the  one of the most indiscreet men in Hollywood.

Anyways, back to Mr. Mark, I am really liking his and Bristol Palin's partnership in DTWS. I haven't really watched any season of DTWS religiously, but I am for sure watching and voting tonight! I think Bristol Palin deserve to win because she's the one without any dancing experience and just the fact that she's gone this far in the competition just comes to show that she deserves that mirror ball trophy.

Oh, and since it's musical Monday, I would like to share one of my favorite songs ever. I do like a lot of songs, but "Light on" by Mark Ballas is not only beautiful musically, but the lyrics are truly heart piercing. As I listened to it, I teared up because, come to think of it, we all need someone who can see "the light" in us and encourage us to "keep the light on". Our world is full of light snuffers and it's a beautiful thing to have people in our lives who can love us enough to fuel our fire and keep our light on.

Here's the song... I'm telling you, it's so beautiful!

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