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One of my dreams was to become a teacher. I've always thought that being a teacher is the noblest job of all because a teacher's role is so pivotal in the lives of their students' future. As for me, I've had so many teachers that influenced me so positively that made me dream of wanting to be one as well. 
Well, that dream was put to a halt when I had to work full-time right away as life depicted so. And when my schedule can't possibly work anymore, the first thing I had to let go was my education... at least for the meantime. But, "meantime" meant 5 years after, when I discovered an online school. At that time, BA in Psychology was the closest to BS.Ed. I could take online and the rest is history. I graduated 2008. 
Going to an online school is very different from going to a university. As for me, I loved it! I love that in all of my classes, I felt more challenged. My thought process was developed more because the environment of online learning fosters creative thinking and reasoning. I felt that going to an online school made me a better learner. Furthermore, it made me realize the power of choices and dedication because you need more than an ounce of both if you decide to go to school online. After all, your school is within your comfort zone, so you really have to choose, decide and focus on finishing your daily goals. Time management is also honed in me. I have way better time management skills now. So, overall, I loved going to an online school. It was really a good fit for me. 
Now, I just found out that one of the BEST universities in the US, USC is offering MAT's online. This is something that excited me!  How cool! And, the best part is, I don't have to change my schedule to do this! Ah, the beauty of online learning... Let's see, I may be encouraged to get my master's degree sooner that I thought! Here are the relevant information about this awesome opportunity to be a part of the elite USC Trojan family!
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