The wackiest fans ever!

I can't believe that these are the days where the words republican, democrat, tea party, Obama, Palin, grizzly bear, teen mom, murderer and "Dancing with the Stars" are in one sentence! It's crazy how the fans are reacting so negatively about Bristol Palin's entering the finals. Initially, it was funny how Bristol haters weave up stories of conspiracy within DWTS caused by the Tea Party Movement and Sarah Palin supporters. I mean it's hilarious how we can make up stories in our head so that our reasoning could make sense. But as I was reading more posts in the DWTS FB page, I was entirely shocked how much hatred over a very trivial thing can spin out of control. I mean there are racial slurs thrown, cursing words, threats, etc. I mean it's crazy! Some of the posts are actually getting scary. Anyways, I'm an avid fan of DWTS but wow, this "situation" is getting out of control!


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