Great SCs for the holidays! (SCs as in Short-Cuts)

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The holidays are here and that means 3 things for me: holiday decorating, party planning and gift-giving.  And of course, regardless of how excited I am every time December rolls around as Christmas is the most favorite holiday in our home, I also anticipate the stresses that this holiday bring. That is why I always employ my handy dandy short-cuts I've learned through the years to make the holiday preparations easy on me, easy on my wallet, and to focus on the celebration of the season as oppose to the stress it can give. Here are some SCs that I'd like to share with you:

- As for holiday decorating, I always find it the easiest to find a color theme for my Christmas decors. With a set color scheme in mind, I save so much time in trying to figure out what color complements what, but try to stick with what colors complement my main chosen colors for the year. Like this year, I chose the colors burgundy, gold and pine green. One of our must haves for decors for this season is the Christmas tree. I always make sure that it's creatively decked-out! After all, a perfect Christmas tree is always the main attraction of any house during the holidays! And honestly, a great looking Christmas tree just means that you can downplay the other decors in the home too. So technically, you save a lot of money that way! So when I checked out the Pier 1's website, I already have the idea of what decors to get. I specifically loved the red and gold ornaments - flights of fantasy and the Plaid Boxed Shatterproof Ornaments. I added a red ribbon for the garland and voila: The perfect centerpiece!

- For the party planning, I know that this area is what I need to simplify the most based on my years of experience. After all, holiday parties are supposed to be fun. One of my must-haves when throwing a party is a warm, festive holiday table. One of my must haves is to lay a very christmasy table runner. Pier 1's green table Christmas runner fits that festive vibe and is a great complement to the snowball dinnerware pattern I chose for this year's event. And to add more depth, I use candles as the centerpiece and chose the spiced cranberry flavor. For sure that once all the decors and place settings are set, the table will look beautifully appetizing! I am excited! Also, at Pier 1's Website, they have "the idea room" page that is a great resource for everything you might need help with in your planning. 

- And for the gifts... this is the hardest part for me! As much as I love shopping, I really don't like the holiday crowds that much. So, I like stores that are one stop shops and of course, Pier 1 has the widest array of holiday gifts to choose from.  They have everything for everyone in your life you wish to give to. And they have amazing stocking stuffers too! Plus, they have a lot of gift wraps to wrap your awesome gifts too! In fact, I already bought myself a gift! It's the gold and coral earrings from Pier 1 and it only cost me $8.98! What a bargain! 

So there you go! I hope these tips make your holidays are breeze! Oh, and check out the great bargains at your local Pier 1 store and also their Website. For sure you'll find a lot of great, cost-effective finds there! And since the holidays are really all about that - giving, make sure to support Toys for Tots by dropping off an unwrapped toy and/or making a cash donation at the register. You can also like Pier 1 on Facebook. Pier 1 will donate $1 for every fan they get.

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