A wicked fresh moment... brushing her teeth ;-)

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Ever since Mai had teeth, I readily took care of it by constant brushing. Recently, she graduated to an electric toothbrush (she said it was unfair that only mommy has the "shaking" toothbrush. Ha!). And since she's going through this streak of independence lately, one of the things she demands that I don't help her with is with her brushing her teeth. Now, brushing is not Mai's favorite thing to do, but she does love the peperminty taste of Tom's Of Maine wicked cool peppermint toothpaste, so that helps a lot in making her brush longer. It's a good thing that I trust the cleaning properties of Tom's Of Maine toothpaste and I know that they only use natural oils and their patent-pending botanical extracts for their ingredients. I even love the fact that they post all the ingredients of their toothpaste in their website! At the moment, I am trying to teach Mai how to gargle with Tom's Of Maine wicked fresh mouthwash. So far, she is good with just gargling it and not actually swallowing it. Lol! But it does help that it doesn't have the alcohol burn feeling. Now Mai is always pepperminty fresh! And she does love that mommy doesn't have to help with brushing her teeth. Well, with quality products like Tom's Of Maine, I trust that she'll be fine doing it by herself.

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