San Diego memories!

Last weekend, our family spent it in beautiful San Diego. It's my 4th time there (I think... maybe 5th) and for me, it's one of the most beautiful places in California. I love that it feels... slower (for lack of better words) every time I go there. But my GPS didn't think so since it lost me 2-3 times! lol! Anyways, the weekend was short, so our trip to the beach was cancelled as it was really, really cold during the morning! I thought it was colder than Daly City! For real! But Mai and I did visit the San Diego Zoo and Mai absolutely loved it! I was a little intimidated by the closeness of the wild animals. Like literally, the only thing that separates a 160lb jaguar and the people gawking at him is a screen-like enclosure that, if I would like too, I can easily stick my hands in it... I bet some people do as I've seen some people taunt the animal. That's when it becomes scary and I run far away as fast as I can. Geez! Why do people do that anyway? sigh!

There's a lot to do in the zoo, Mai and I loved the special holiday show they have, jungle bells, 4 elves jump up and down the trampoline. I know... but it was entertaining! Micah loved the special mardi gras-like necklace they give at the end of each show. She caught it too, so it made it extra special! The zoo was so big compared to the other zoos we've seen and having a double-decker bus to ride on was very convenient as we literally saw the entire zoo from the upstairs of the bus. It was fun! Mai also loved the people-mover (like a flat escalator)they have that go up the hills. It was brave of her to go in it as mommy was very scared! We also loved the aviary. I was a little scared of the birds flying so freely, but Mai loved it. She even did pirouettes for the birds. Ha!

All in all, the experience was great! It was a great first time visit for Mai and I. We just missed daddy... he was at the ACN convention while we were visiting our animal friends ;-) But for sure, we will go back! It was too much fun not to. 

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