Happy 16 years

January 18 is my birthday, or more accurately, my spiritual birthday. I also call it my anniversary with Jesus. This was the day, 16 years ago, that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Since then, my life was never the same again.

Every year, I try to do start something impactful when this day comes. This year, I started a Mother's heritage journal for Micah. I thought to write all my thoughts, experiences, and most especially my faith stories for her to read through when she reaches the age where my honest life will not shock her anymore, but will serve as a learning resource for her to have. After all, a lifetime is too short to commit all the mistakes for oneself. Most often, we have to understand that learning from the mistakes of others doesn't only save us a lot of heartache, but it will also save us a lot of time too.

So, my reason to be thankful today is pretty obvious I suppose. It's the life that I am able to have because of the one who loved me first when I was still a sinner. The one who while I still a sinner, died for me. That love, I am still so amazed about, so unbelievably unfathomable. But I am glad for such grace. I am honored to be worth it of such love. So thank you Jesus, for my life. Thank you that I am able to live it the best I can, all because you loved me.

Oh,  and Happy Anniversary Saviour. And a Happy Birthday to me!

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