SVP Alliance

I know I'm posting way late... or early, depending on how you see it as it's 1:35am already, but I just want to RAVE about the group that my husband spearheaded. See, in our business, we meet a lot of people who are in the same boat we are in as we go about our daily triumphs and frustrations operating a home business. I am so proud of my husband for having the vision to start a group that doesn't only boost morale in us, but also promotes camaraderie and teamwork among us. Mind you, we are not on the same money, but through the SVP Alliance, we are able to help and encourage each other in, most often, daily basis, so we can forge ahead succeeding in what we do. In the world of our business, we go through the valleys of defeats, but it's a great thing to go through the valley with people who will not only make the journey out of it a joyous one, but will also cheer with you as you go atop the mountain of success.


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