I've been been feeling blah today. My head and body are hurting. I feel cold and sleepy. I really think I'm coming down with something...

Anyways, aside from feeling a bit icky, I have learned something today that really made me smile. My daughter isn't like me! OK, let me rephrase that - My daughter is very much like her daddy! Okay, it's not coming out right so let me explain... Today, when I dropped her off to school, as usual, I watched her from a distance without her seeing me. From the moment I left her in the classroom until I left, Mai is just standing over a bunch of kids with different toys as if in a great study of where will she spend her "play time" with and what. I mean, had that been me, I would've just jumped with whatever stroke my fancy at that moment and quickly change my mind after a while. But with Mai, she really does study things first, observe her surroundings before she makes a decision. Something that she DEFINITELY didn't learn from me!

Well, I just want to share that.... really made me smile that she got her daddy's calmness and decision making skills! YAY for Micah! :-)

Ok, back to work and my oatmeal... somehow, oatmeal soothes my aching head.

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