An open letter to Micah for her first day of school (06/10/11)

Dear love -

I look at you and I am just amazed. You are amazing little girl! I can't believe sometimes that you came out of me. Me! Producing such a precocious, brave, kindhearted child? Ha! Well, in all honesty, I've always thought that I would have a good child... after all, I'm kind of good *lol*. But you... you are the most unexpected yet most wonderful surprise I've had my entire life! I bore not only a great child, but also very cool!

Pretty much we've established that you are pretty amazing already, but girl, did you AMAZE me even more today! It was such a milestone what you've accomplished today. First day of school... I've always envisioned how your first day of school would be. Amazingly enough, it was what I kind of thought it would be... you flying off, adapting so quickly to your surroundings while I cry like a baby. By the way, how did you become so well adjusted? Who taught you that? I don't think it was me... maybe your dad... Anyways, you were pretty cool in the way you handled things. I was amazed because I didn't think I was ever that courageous... that independent. I mean, today was such a long day to be away from you, yet, you did a great job showing such strength of character and willingness to be open to new things. You have no idea how I admire you for that. I am really proud of you and for what you've accomplished today.

Also, I so love how you greeted me when you saw me pick you up. You ran so fast towards me! Oh my gosh! You made me feel so important... so wanted! And when you topped that off with your high pitched voice screaming "MOMMY!!" Oh! I was over the moon with pride! I was so proud that you are calling me mommy! I hope you know that being your mom is the grandest privilege I'm given and I will NEVER EVER take this blessing for granted. It's the best happening in my life!

And oh my, weren't you excited to tell me all your stories! I especially love that all your new friends know your name and you didn't even remember anyone of them! Ha! That comes to show how you stand out in any crowd you're in and that you really leave a mesmerizing mark with anyone you meet. That says a lot about you , you know! Your name bears so much influence... young as you are you have that amazing gift! Oh, that I think you got from me (don't tell your dad! Ha!)

Also, when you told me you cried and the teacher didn't console you and that you took a nap in between two boys, I didn't show you, but that made me really angry! And you better know it! I will have a word with your teacher about that on Monday! But thank you for telling me that the only reason you cried was because I wasn't there. You don't have to cry for me sweetie, but thanks for loving me that much. I really thought you wouldn't miss me at all, considering how fast you ran going in your class without looking back. But thanks for letting me know that you value me enough to miss me as you enjoy the best part of your day - watching a movie about planets. I wonder what planet made you remember me... I hope it's earth... you know, like "Mother Earth"... and I'm your mom! Such a corny joke huh? Hehehe!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your First Day of School surprise! Crown and Crumpet was good huh! We'll be back there for sure! And I hope you like the necklace! I know how fond you are of necklaces :-)

Ok, so goodnight... I love you! And see you in my dreams!

Love Always,


Ready for her first day!
Mai with her proud dad!
Her "1st day of school" surprise - A visit to Crown and Crumpet!
Mommy's excited too!
Lovin' the fruit tea!
Mai's extra surprise!


  1. Love the post. Sounded like she had a lot of fun, but also missed her mommy. :) Micah's such a trooper she really takes after her parents. :)

  2. Sweet post! School can be hard starting out, but it sounds like she'll be loving it soon. :)

  3. Thank y'all! Yeah, she had fun and can't wait until tomorrow... I, on the other hand, am still having a hard time adjusting...