When it rains, it pours! And that's greaaaaaaaaaat!

OH MY! So... MANY... blessings!

Have you ever felt so undeserving? That's how I feel now. With all the wonderful things happening with us right now, I am left to think, "what did we do to deserve this?" I know, "what a pessimist!," you say? It's not pessimism though. I am so, deeply humbled by everything.

First off, Mai's first day of school turned out GREAT! She can't go in her class fast enough. I'm glad that she's excited and very willing to start this milestone in her life. I am IMMENSELY PROUD of her! Although I did cry like a baby once out of her sight. Yeah, she handled the process better that I did :-)

Secondly, I am very excited to be out on a "date" with my husband in 3 minutes, so I got to go! This is a much awaited "date"! I'm so giddy and excited! :-)

So see y'all later! TTFN!

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