Back is SORE!

OMG! I take back every contemptuous remark I made towards my husband when he was having back pains a few months ago. I've always thought that men are "babies" when it comes to pain, but, by golly! Back pains are no joke! Last Friday, I had a minor car accident, and if I'm being real honest, it's actually my fault. I was turning (signaling and all), but this car was just rampaging through, totally disregarding that there is a car turning in front of him. He does have the right of way, but I did turn first! Anyways, to avoid getting hit, I accelerated real fast without seeing the ditch (or hump) in front of me. Needless to say, I shook the front of my car and my back pretty hard! Thank God Mai's ok! She's in the back seat, but I guess her Britax car seat did it's job.

Anyways, I did go to MIC (Mild Injury Clinic) yesterday. They did x-rays and tests - thank GOD my neck is "undamaged"! It would be a bummer to hurt this bad this close to our move. But I was prescribed Vicodin for pain  together with Ibuprofen if it does become severe. Of course, I lied to my doctor - I didn't take the Vicodin as I have to drive today. I am trying my best to maintain the pain with just Advil for now. I'm still very sore though, so I might have to take Vicodin later on tonight... ooh!

*Note to hubby - Yes, I deserve this! Sorry for not being so empathetic to your pain... God had to make me go through this to let me see the error of my ways! I love you! - Your "old lady" :-(

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