Bracing myself for the next few days

August officially started two days ago. It doesn't seem like it. Maybe I was still hoping that I have a few more days before August starts, as this month will start with a "BUSY" first few weeks...

For starters, August is my birth month. Meaning to say, it is supposed to be a celebration month for me, especially because this year's birthday is my 31st. I have this weird notion that if you're age is no longer reflected in the days on the calendar, then you're old. It's a rather crazy way to think aging over, but I guess that's my way of holding on to my youth. I was hoping to celebrate it in my "happy" place - Disneyland! But that didn't push through. Instead, I will have to celebrate this momentous "fleeting of my youth" occasion packing our things. 

Yes, our move out/in date is set to two weeks from now. Meaning to say, I wouldn't be doing anything else until then but pack. As packing is a chore I really, really, really don't like doing, I am assuming I need all this time to do it. I usually procrastinate on the things I don't have any motivation of doing. So, I started packing this past weekend and I am actually close to 45% done. That's progress in my standards ;-)

But I do have wonderful surprises for my birthday. My dad's in town for a conference (well, not "in town" - he's still in LA). But he is so nice to take sometime off and spend it with us. He's actually coming on my birthday, so that's a great present. Oh, and my aunt from the PI is also in town. She carved out a day to spend it with us, so that's another good treat. Lastly, my sis and BIL with my chubbaching-ching nephew, Caleb, are coming too! Needless to say, I have all the help I can get with the move! YAY! But I do appreciate them taking some time to visit us and help us with the move. No better present than that.

Okay, so back to being "31"... Thirty one! I remember my parents being 31. And I associated "having the hang of life" with aging. Geez! I SO don't feel like 31. I still feel like I'm 16 in this metabolically challenged, bones-hurting, muscles-aching body! Sigh... But like my husband said, better to be 31 than his age :-)

So, the next few days will be hectic. I still do hope to have breaks to vent out my thoughts in between... we'll see...


  1. Happy Birthday to you. I've never thought of my age and referred it to th number of days in the month. I'm reallllllly old! LOL

  2. Your are but a child. I'll be 35 and a half in a few days. And loving it! OK, not really, I'm almost to 40!--bleh. Happy packing birthday! :)

  3. Thanks you guys! It'll still be a "happy birthday" for sure! My family's in town and I have a great bunch of friends helping us out with the move. And greetings from my fellow mommy bloggers is my cherry on top! Thanks and God bless!