My child's first school parade

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The more days Mai spends in school, the more it's reinforcing within me that my child is growing up. And growing up is a daily basis when it comes to her. It's amazing what a few months can do. Aside from learning and knowing so much more (as in SO MUCH MORE, I can't keep up), she is dreaming more of her future now.

Before, whenever I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, it usually varies. Sometimes she wants to be a doctor. Other times, she wants to be a chef. There was a time that she wanted to be a starship Captain like Captain Janeway (mommy's a ST Voyager fan!). But lately, whenever I ask her what she wanted to be when she grows up, it's a constant answer. Without hesitation, she always say, "Mommy, I want to be a teacher... a cooking teacher!" I'm assuming that she either wants to be a chef, a teacher or a teacher of culinary arts. It's been months now and that dream hasn't changed yet. 

As a mom, I would definitely support any dream she may have. That's why my husband and I are doing everything we can to secure her future. We would like her to dream big dreams and actually see it to fruition without anything (above all money) being a deterrence to that. All we want her to know is that she can dream  the BIGGEST dream she can possibly dream and reach for it! The process in how to make that happen is our responsibility!

Securing a college educational plan is a must for our family. We know how expensive quality education can cost and we want to prepare for it as early as now. Now, programs such as upromise can be a big help in making that happen. And as of this moment, upromise is having  a "Dream" contest. Just go to their Dream Wall (www.upromisetodream.com) and share the dreams you have for your child. You can win $1000 in their weekly drawing and by September 29, the entry with the most "likes" wins a grand prize of $10,000.  It also helps if we share this to other moms out there through our blogs, so they, too, can have a chance to win a prize on behalf of the "dreams" of their child/children.

Please see official contest rules at dream wall official rules.

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